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Why Use Electronic Signatures

Many businesses today are going paperless. Now, is a good time to be paperless and adopt electronic signatures.

An electronic signature is an electronic data that is used by a signatory to sing. Your electronic signature has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature if it adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation it was created under.

Electornic signatures are used for a quick document authentication without the use of paper and pen but with a uniquely identifiable mark. Although there are security concerns, electronic signatures are still being used for legal dealings, business transactions, private affairs, and official government documents.

Here are some of the benefits of electronic signatures.

It simplicity and ease of usage is a benefit of using electronic signatures. If you are able to deliver a secure link to a recipient, then you can use electronic signatures. When the recipient signs the document, then the process is completed. It simply takes opening a link and clicking a button to use electronic signatures.

It is a safer and more secure way of signing documents compared to traditional paper documents. The reason for this is because it does not only have your signature but other information as well including who signed the document, when the document was signed, and where it was signed.

There is geographic dispersal in businesses today. This means that business can deal with various suppliers, customers, and partners in different geographical locations. Remote authentication is now possible with electronic signatures so you don’t have to mail, print, and scan documents anymore.

There is a faster turnaround with the convenience of electronic signatures. With electronic signatures, every part can sign off within seconds and you don’t have to mail, print, sign, scan, and send to the next signatory, which is very time-consuming. When the situation is time-sensitive, then electronic signatures give a faster turnaround that gives business greater versatility.

Compared to traditional pen and paper method, using electronic signatures is more cost-effective. With electronic signatures you save money on paper, postage, mailing supplies and time. With these small savings, it will soon add up to a big amount.

if you are still using traditional pen and paper signatures, then you should consider the benefits of using electronic signatures so that you can easily switch to using it.

Electronic signatures are not becoming very common that people don’t anymore raise their eyebrows when they need to sign a document electronically.

You don’t need to wait any longer; now is the time to switch to electronic signature so that you can enjoy all the benefits that it offers. When you have switched to electronic signatures, you can then think of bigger and better things for your business.

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