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Tips for Landing Cannabis Jobs

The number of people who want to work in the cannabis industry is on the rise. As more and more states legalize the herb for either medical or recreational use, enthusiasts are now beginning to consider leaving their office jobs and planning their entry into the new and thriving sector.

Indeed, it can be financially and emotionally gratifying to work at a dispensary, but you have to remember that this isn’t as black-and-white as filling out a job application or answering questions from an interviewer. When looking for a job in the cannabis industry, here are tips to keep in mind:

Make sure you’re clean.

If you want to know how to work at a cannabis dispensary, the first thing you should know is that a criminal record will be your biggest obstacle.If you are interested in a cannabis dispensary job, first thing you have to be aware of is that a criminal record will be your biggest stumbling block.First things first, if you want to have a job at a cannabis dispensary, know that a criminal record will immediately flatten your chances. Applicants will all be background-checked. Usually, a felony conviction will weigh more heavily on an employer’s hiring decision than a misdemeanor charge, but it still depends on the specific nature of the crime committed. In most states, however, anyone with a felony record will be automatically banned from working in licensed cannabis facilities.In most states though, any person with a felony can never be allowed to work in a licensed marijuana facility.However, most states automatically prohibit the employment of anyone with a felony record at any marijuana facility.

Although some states are now working to help felons scratch off their past cannabis felonies, there are a few where a past conviction for marijuana possession is enough ground for disqualification.While some states are presently helping felons erase their previous cannabis felonies, there are those in which a past marijuana possession conviction is considered an instant ground for rejection.Some states are currently helping felons remove old cannabis felonies, but others automatically reject anyone who has a past conviction for marijuana possession. In Washington State, even spouses of cannabis employees will be background-checked.

Be prepared to move.

Everywhere in the country, the cannabis job market is competitive, so even as Western cities may have a large supply of cannabis jobs, new markets have a huge wave of entry-level opportunities when they initially opened.All over the country, the marijuana job market is highly competitive, so despite Western cities having lots of cannabis job vacancies, new markets have an influx of entry-level opportunities when they first opened .The marijuana job market is extremely competitive in most parts of the country, so while cities in the West may have lots of jobs available, new markets have a large number of entry-level opportunities from their first few years. To entice employees with long years of legal cannabis experience, states to the east of Mississippi are willing to pay workers up to 30% more. As such programs continue expanding, the demand for employees also increases.

Find out the pay.

If you want to work in the marijuana industry, you should decide what kind of money you want to bring home. For a receptionist working inside a dispensary, this can be around $20,000 annually, but for a general manager, the amount could be four times more.For a clerk who works within a dispensary, this may be about $20,000, but for general manager can make up to thrice or four times that amount.A dispensary receptionist can have an annual income of around $20,000, but this could triple or even quadruple for a general manager. Outside a dispensary, there are opportunities in cultivation and production which can fetch yo as much as six figures as long as you have the right LEGAL cannabis experience.

Look for a great fit.

Finally ,don’t be obsessed about income though when deciding which type of marijuana job to get. Also look into your personality. Some people are more compatible with a management position, while others are better working behind the scenes. Remember that more income means more accountability. There may be exceptions, but in most cases, breaking into the business means beginning from the bottom and working your way up.

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