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How To Keep Wood Fences In Good Conditions

When a home is surrounded by a fence it is more attractive and secure since no one would enter easily without being allowed. Wooden fences can be used due to their desirable properties such as low cost and a better appearance among other reasons. It is important to put in place some measures to keep the fence in good conditions so that it can last longer without showing signs of aging. There are various things that can cause damage to the fence such as moisture, extreme temperatures and termites. Wood is not suited by excess moisture as it absorbs the water which affects the durability of the wood fence.

Cleaning the fence is good to get rid of debris and dust that has accumulated over time making it look dirty or cause damage when left unattended to. Using a pressure washer can be better to clean and this should be done while making sure the pressure is not too much. If a chemical washer is used to clean, the person should protect the nearby plants as chemicals may damage them. While cleaning one should also remove the dust that has accumulated in cracks and a wire or some other tools can be used for this. If the wood is to be sealed it should be left to dry completely say after two to three days from the time of cleaning. Sealants are a perfect way of protecting wood from being affected by water as it gives a protective layer over the wood.

It is necessary to request the supplier to advise on the sealant that will be suited for you depending on the climate for your location. When the wood is properly sealed, the owner can choose to stain it for a unique and attractive look. Wood can get rotten when there are plants nearby as they produce moisture which is not suited for wood. Flowers and other plants make the place more beautiful but they need to be planted some distance away from the fence. When sprinkling it should be considered that the water is risky for wood and placed strategically to avoid the water from getting in contact with the wood.

It might be hard to set the sprinkler strategically which should give the need of using garden hoses for plants near the wood. Most people have a termite contract and this includes the house as well as the fence. The cost of making repairs is considerably lower than replacing the fence which makes it important to repair whenever there is a problem. There are signs that indicate the need for repairs or replacement such as leaning on one side and rotten wood among other signs.